Hello Monster/I Remember You


Okay, as strange as this post might be… I’m having mixed feeling on this drama.

After deciding not to continue this drama last week, due to my guilty feelings on abandoned thesis proposal, finally, today I watched the two last episodes. The mixed feelings were (maybe) because I went on a good review about this drama, saying it was anti-mainstream and having a good plot, but then when I got another review, they were disappointed and thought their last episodes were lagging.

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An excuse

I just realized it is November already :’)

I think… 2017 is my best year.

Though I am not yet as great as anyone would be, I’ve tried my best in some ways and I’m proud of it.


I’ve never set any target on my life; afraid of failing and… can someone like me dream?

Being a ‘perceiving’ person, I think that is natural. But… I kinda feel guilty to… myself.

Can’t you be more ambitious?


Anyway, thanks to myself for being brave enough.

Ps. You have to remember that you own yourself and you can do anything as you please. But, please be responsible.


Filosofi Kopi dan Per-kopi-an Indonesia


It’s good to be back on this blog after months, eheh.

Beberapa bulan ini saya lagi suka nonton webseries di Youtube, setelah ngga sengaja(?) menemukan webseries dari Tropicana Slim; Sore. Omg, that was really sweet indeed! :’)

Dari webseries Sore, ekspektasi buat nonton webseries lain jadi tinggi, dan setelah pilih-pilih beberapa webseries, ketemulah saya sama webseriesnya Filosofi Kopi.

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Current Readings


Well, maybe it’s best replaced by “current reading” because currently I’m only up to one book, eheh (not really)

So, I am reading this book. I’ve read the writer’s most famous book, yet to find it was not that interesting, it was full of advice and good talks. I mean, it was like the book was preaching to me. Maybe I’m just not into that kind of book. Oh, I haven’t told what it is… well, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho (but I do really like The Alchemist that is written by Michael Scott–my very genre!). I’m reading his work of The Fifth Mountain.

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Okay, here it is.


This is my first [introductory] post. Nice to meet you! 🙂

Actually I’ve been maintaining another blog of mine, but something happened(?), and I decided to make another one‒starting from scratch.

I haven’t decided it yet what particular things will be posted on this blog, but I think, mostly it will be my thought on random things.

Anyway, have fun reading my [new] blog!

Ps. I’ll be posting soon, yay